Optimus Prime Line Art


What do you do when you have a Transformers movie Leader Class Optimus Prime hanging around the house and you’re looking for a new creative project? Repaint it and turn it into a customized Ultra Magnus, naturally!

I really want to see this one through, because it would be awesome to have a movie version Ultra Magnus. Anyway, I made this drawing so I could try out different color combinations for Magnus in Photoshop.

First, I took a photo and punched up the levels and contrast a bit in Photoshop and printed it out in grayscale. Using a light box, I traced it to get this drawing. Now that I’ve scanned the drawing, I can drop it in Photoshop and test out different colors and color layouts, as well as draw out add-ons (like armor and missile launchers and stuff that is befitting an Ultra Magnus toy) that I’d like to build onto it.

I’m mostly using my free time (when I’m not working on my online business) for all of my creative endeavors now, so I hope I can get this project started in earnest. If I can make it happen, this will be my first attempt at repainting and customizing a transformers toy; something I’ve been wanting to do for a while.